Entering “the next phase”

We are entering ”the next phase” in the upgrading of the towers – replacing the façade.

No work will be done to the existing windows on a floor until the new façade outside that floor has been completely weather sealed and fire proofed.

On the exterior, the facade will be installed from the top down to ensure water tightness of the building. Only then will work move to the interior for the removal of the old windows.

The erection of the scaffolding around the building is nearing completion – the short tower is 80% complete and the tall tower is estimated to take another month.

This is the work plan:

  • The work on the building will start from the top and progress downwards.
  • The contractors will start by putting a capping rail around the top of the building.
  • Rails will be fixed to the outside of the building and the new windows are hung from these rails. The windows will cover the entire façade. This will be done on a floor-by-floor basis.
  • When the outside work for the floor is complete, the contractors will start on the interior. All inside work will be done after hours.
  • Firstly, screening will be put up to isolate the work from the offices. Then the old windows will be removed and new windowsills will be installed.
  • The work will be done in sections a couple of bays at a time. The estimated timing is one month per floor. The work will be done in sections to limit the impact on individuals.

We will publish a full date schedule of proposed work as dates become available.