Archive | January, 2014

Core drilling

When the bathrooms and kitchen areas are being upgraded, the contractors remove all the old plumbing. They then need to drill into the core of the building to install the new plumbing and feeder lines. Drilling into the core is a noisy job. It is not only felt heard on the floor where the drilling […]

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Fire detection compliance

In the process of upgrading the parking and basement of The Towers, new fire detection equipment has been installed in these areas. This state of the art equipment is in compliance with the latest SANS regulations. The detection system is managed by a software programme which will immediately locate the exact origin of the alarm […]

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Appointment of window contractor

Pure Engineering drew up the engineering specifications for the new facade of The Towers. Five companies were invited to submit tenders for the manufacturing and fitting of the new windows. Each company was given a set of drawings and their submissions were evaluated on the basis of quality, capacity and, of course, cost. Murray & […]

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