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Policy Research

The ASK Justice project team and network hope to empower civil society organisations engaged in intellectual property (IP) law and policy frameworks by providing useful research-based evidence. Our team of researchers are conducting case study research at universities in Botswana, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, and are looking specifically at IP law and policy frameworks in these countries. TheseĀ are also being scrutinised at regional level in the East African Community. In each instance the role of international law, international organisations and other external influences, such as foreign expertise, is taken into account, since these factors have an impact on IP law and policy.

Public Voice

Public Voice (PV) is the agency through which ASK Justice hopes to achieve its overall objectives. By making our collective voice heard, activities completed by the research and teaching teams are shared with our various audiences, which include policymakers, civil society groups, academics from various disciplines and regions, and the general public. Ultimately, this should benefit the public in improved access to medicines (A2M) and access to knowledge (A2K).


The ASK Justice Teaching team has the task of developing university-level course material that can be used to educate students about the human rights aspects of intellectual property.

The objective of this work is to develop resources to assist not only network members but also other similarly situated scholars to teach topics that are relevant within the intersection of human rights and intellectual property (IP).